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Personal training

Face to face sessions based at Glo Gym, Boundary Park, Oldham.


GROUP training

Online coaching platform, providing education, support & guidance.


nutritional advice

All programmes focus on nutritional support. 


I enjoyed your calm, supportive and informative PT style. I felt assured that I was doing exercises correctly and you were quick to suggest changes in form in order to keep exercise techniques correct. I always left a session feeling like I had worked hard and made progress.
It’s like training with a friend, someone to have a laugh with but someone who’ll push you to ‘do 2 more’!!
I have worked with other PT’s previously & not enjoyed it as much but I genuinely looked forward to the session. This is down to you understanding my goal, being a true credible professional and making me feel comfortable at all times. You were always responsive to any queries I had outside of our session to keep me on track. Thank you
Training with you made me accountable. I needed that in order to keep me going to the gym as I didn't have the willpower, desire or tenacity to do it on my own. Once I got into a routine with you, I looked forward to working out (most days) or at least the positive post work out high. I then started to do more exercise outside of our sessions. This was greatly assisted by your exercise and dietary advice and now I'm at a point now where I workout most days, it doesn't feel like a chore, it's just become a habit. Im in the best shape of my life and ready to keep it going!

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Address: Oldham Athletic Football Club, North Stand, Oldham OL2 5BL

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