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It's time to make that change.

My focus is to help you understand fitness and nutrition and build habits that will last a lifetime.  I don’t want to spend a few hours a week with you telling you what to do, I want you to learn skills, and be self sufficient.  It’s probably a bad business model but I want to provide you the knowledge and confidence to train alone.  

If you choose to stay with me great, if not then I hope it’s because I’ve given you the tools to go it alone!


my experience

A qualified PT for well over a decade, delivering thousands of sessions with a wide range of clients, I feel like I’ve probably seen it all at this point.  However I still deliver each session with the same enthusiasm I had all them years ago.  I think what makes me stand out is, I care.

I specialise in resistance training.  I’ll not only take you through the movements but teach you how to lift properly.  I’m also a full time fitness tutor and I try to incorporate a little of this into my sessions.


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