Are Classes Not Getting You Results?

Do you come to the gym quite regularly to attend classes?

Unlike a lot of people you’ve built some good habits around actually getting yourself to the gym.

However you still aren’t quite achieving what you’d like.

You feel a little fitter but also feel like you’ve not made any more progress for months, maybe years?

You’d like to do something different, maybe try some new things in the gym but have never felt confident?

Or maybe you prefer coming to classes as it’s all laid out for you, you turn up and crack on?

If this sounds like you, I have the solution.

I’m not here to bash classes, if you know me you’ll know I still teach classes.  

However I understand how frustrating it can be when you are dedicating so much time and effort to your fitness and not quite achieving your goals.

It’s possible to do 20+ classes a week and stay the same.

There has to be a few main focuses, nutrition, intensity and progression.  I support you with these and more in my 8 week group coaching programme, launching this January!

If you would like more information, DM me on Instagram @coachclegg or drop me an email at to reserve an early bird price. 

Limited to the first 10 people.

I’ll be discussing more in the coming weeks on my Podcast.

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