One Is Better Than None

It’s amazing what one session in the gym does for me.  

I’m not talking about visual changes, that would be a lie, I’m talking about the impact it has on me mentally, it’s genuinely like a drug!

I’m semi-consistent with my training of late, dependent on work, I’m sure you’ve had the same problems?

This week I’ve managed one session so far which came today (Friday).  A lot of people would forget going to the gym on a Friday if they’ve missed the first 4 days of the week, we’ve all been guilty of the “I’ll start on Monday mindset”

I’m telling you this so you realise just what an impact one gym session can have on your mental clarity which can then have an impact in other areas of your life; sleep, mood, appetite etc.

Now I’m not telling you to do just one session per week, that’s not ideal for most people, but if you get towards the end of your week and are yet to get into the gym, don’t wait until Monday, get in there and get moving.  No matter how short the session is, you won’t come out feeling worse, you’ll feel amazing.

If you do have a busy schedule ahead, I’ll leave you with this.

Here’s what I do when I know the weeks going to be busy:

  • Prioritise getting out for a walk and getting enough steps in.
  • When tracking – Ensure calories and protein are hit.
  • When I’m not tracking – Ensure I’m mindful of what I’m eating.
  • Don’t beat myself up about missing sessions – This is still sometimes a challenge, but in the grand scheme of things the odd few missed sessions isn’t a big deal*

*Dependent on your goal.

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